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The DAMIANI Group continues its expansion.

Following the acquisition of the historical Zimmitti jewelers in Syracuse last September and of a minority stake in LuisaViaRoma, through Florence srl in October, the DAMIANI Group announces a new take over in November. The Group has completed the acquisition of a 100% stake in the Floris Coroneo jewelers.

ROCCA is the only Italian luxury jewelry and watch chain present in Italy’s most exclusive shopping streets and in its leading cities and international airports. Moreover, its strong growth goals, both organic and otherwise, see it vying to become a true consolidator within its sector.

“Our goal is to strengthen and consolidate our position as an independent Group in this sector. This is why we invest in strategic operations with other industry players, whether they are Brands, Retailers or first-rate Manufacturers. We are certain that, with the support of the DAMIANI Group – an international and professionally managed business retaining, however, a human dimension through the personal, direct involvement of our family – such partnerships will give many small-to-medium sized companies the opportunity to face the coming changes in our sector:' concluded the President of the DAMIANI Group Guido Grassi Damiani.

Despite the considerable difficulties that many companies experienced last year, the DAMIANI Group has never stopped planning its expansion. As mentioned eirlier in the article the company also invested

in LuisaViaRoma through Florence srl, the majority of which is held by the Private Equity Style Capital Fund, headed by Roberta Benaglia.

Luisa Via Roma has established itself on the market with an innovative business model, poised midway between the retail and the digital dimensions. The brand has set up one of the leading e-commerce portals in the world of luxury, offering new brand experiences and helping to strengthen the perception of high-end products.


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