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among the winners Corrado Passera, Silvia Candiani, Pasquale Frega and Claudio Marenzi.

The goal of the international organization The Executive Award is to consolidate and promote a high standard of quality in the area of ​​sustainability, through storytelling and examples of today's leaders who impact the world of tomorrow, inspiring people and companies to act in a way that is equally sustainable.

Based on these principles on 22 June in Milan the Italian jury of TEA (acronym of the organization) has awarded the following leaders with the prize:

• Claudio Marenzi, CEO of Herno

• Paola Corna Pellegrini, CEO of Allianz Partners

Antonello Amoroso, Founder of Amaranto Group

• Pasquale Frega, President of Novartis

• Silvia Candiani, CEO of Microsoft Italy

• Corrado Passera, CEO of Illimity

• Enrico Casati & Jacopo Sebastio, Co-CEO of Velasca

The ceremony was enriched by the presence of two respected authorities of the Italian socio-economic community: the Deputy Mayor of Milan, Anna Scavuzzo and the Magnificent Rector of the Bocconi University of Milan, Gianmario Verona.

Also Fabio Pompei, CEO of Deloitte Italia (Central Mediterranean Area), was a precious attendance and greeted the audience.

Deloitte contributed to the success of TEA Italia by outlining sustainable leadership of the winners and confirming the standard established by the initiative.

ESG and PNRR were important topics presented fro the speakers on the stage.

The international “TEA Board of Directors” was also present:

Robert Piconi [Chairman of TEA Board], Co-Founder & CEO of Energy Vault, Ruby Shang, Board member of the Asia Foundation and Kim Hildebrant, President of the Franklin University.

TEA, founded by Eng. Rossella Gargano in 2018 in Switzerland, sets a standard in sustainability whose impact is unequivocal, based on the criteria established by the authoritative jury. Although this is the first Italian event for The Executive Award, “the bar has been set high and can be seen in the profiles of the winners”, the judges say.

The national jury, consisting of its President William Griffini and Esq. Daniela Mainini and Marco Icardi, is satisfied about both the nomination process started months ago and the choice of the winners, which “reflect the quantitative and qualitative criteria of TEA Italia and set the challenge for next year”.

The following institutional partners AICEO, Centro Studi Grande Milano, Franklin University, Carter & Benson and the Alumni Committee (winners of previous awards) also played an important role by sending over a hundred nominations.

The international tour among several cities will culminate with the Global Executive Award ceremony in the US at Rockefeller Center, New York, scheduled on September 27, 2023.

As Eng. Rossella Gargano [TEA Founder] unveils, only one of the winners of the prize during the international tour will also win the global award in New York, together with other winners coming from different Countries.

“TEA is already looking to the next decade and there will be big news soon” Rossella Gargano concludes.

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