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The Executive Award Ceremony in Lugano and its phenomenal winners.

One of our most successful events in 2021 took place in Lugano on the 6th of October at Villa Principe Leopoldo. The event attracted the most powerful and influential CEOs and top managers in Ticino region. Among the winners were Sergio Ermotti, Guido Damiani, Nicolas Girotto and Adam Stanford. Lets find out a little bit more about each of them.

Sergio Ermotti, is a Swiss investment banker and former stock trader. In April 2021, Ermotti was elected chairman of Swiss Re, Switzerland's largest reinsurance company. He was the CEO of UBS Group AG from November 2011 to November 2020. He previously served as the deputy chief executive for Italian bank UniCredit, from 2007 to 2010.

It has been speculated that he might transition into Swiss politics after his career in banking, but he ruled out entering select political races for the Bundesrat stating that he was "not a politician". In addition to English, Ermotti speaks Italian, German, and French fluently.

Another Executive Award Winner in Lugano was Guido Damiani, the President of Damiani Group. Damiani Group, is an Italian luxury jewelry corporate group that designs, manufactures, distributes and sells jewelry and luxury watches. It was founded in Italy in 1924. As of November 2012, Damiani had an annual revenue of €151.6 million In the fiscal year ending March 2013, Damiani S.P.A. had sales of €137.82 million. Damiani designs and markets jewelry and watches, as well as jewels and unique pieces. The company's major market is in Italy. It is sold in other major markets worldwide through subsidiaries and boutiques. It has won 18 consecutive Diamonds International Awards. An interesting fact is that the President Guido Damiani also received the America Award of the Italy-USA Foundation in 2013.

Nicolas Girotto is the CEO of Bally.

Infusing innovation into a brand that already has 170 years of history in the luxury market may seem like an impossible task to many, but it's one that Nicolas Girotto has skillfully taken on in his stride in his role as the CEO of the Swiss luxury brand, Bally (since April 2019). Born in Agen, France, Girotto leads a global team of 1,400 employees and a wide network of more than 300 retail stores from offices headquartered in Caslano, Switzerland, and Milan, Italy. With over 20 years of industry experience in fashion and retail, as well as stints in Zurich-based leading travel retailer The Nuance Group and Italian fast fashion retailer Conbipel, Girotto has brought to Bally a distinct set of skills and insights.

And last but not least winner of the Executive Award is Adam Stanford. Adam leads the Deloitte Switzerland's Consulting practice, and is a member of the Swiss Executive and the Executive of Deloitte Consulting in North and South Europe (NSE). Since joining Deloitte in 2008, Adam has led the Swiss Consulting Financial Services practice and the Swiss Consulting Strategy & Operations practice. Adam started his career in private banking in Switzerland and was the global COO of a listed fintech company. Adam serves strategic accounts in Switzerland and globally as lead client service partner and lead consulting partner and regularly contributes to Swiss media in areas concerning the financial services industry and innovation.

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