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Meet William Griffini // President of the Italian Jury

As the Executive Award Ceremony in Milan is approaching we are happy to introduce you the Head of Jury William Griffini, CEO and Partner of Carter & Benson.

Born in 1972, William Griffini gained his first professional experience as a consultant in an Executive Search, Middle Management and Strategy company, where later he became a Partner.

Since 2003, he has been a CEO and Partner of Carter & Benson. It’s a Milanese leading company specializing in Consultancy and Manager selection, which is also part of the international network IMD International Search presented in 24 countries around the world. Carter & Benson are members of IMD, a leading International Search Group and this enables them to duly satisfy each request made by foreign Clients, having an immediate access to the best talents that operate in the global economy.

Mr Griffini’s company operate at the side of Italian and International leading companies through three divisions: Executive Search, Middle Management and Strategy. This allowed them to conclude successfully more than 1.900 projects with more than 550 Client Companies developing specific competences in many sectors.

Carter & Benson code:

⚪️ We work side-by-side with our Clients with a listening approach in order to create a real value for the Company together.

⚪️ We offer the utmost quality of contacts thanks to a deepen analysis work of the huge quantity of data we have at our disposal.

⚪️ We guarantee a transparent action with a regular update of the progress status of projects.

⚪️ We assure exclusivity during all the extent of the collaboration assignment with our Clients.

⚪️ We manage the projects strictly achieving the result in the utmost respect of scheduled times.

⚪️ We innovate processes working with passion, energy and enthusiasm in every single step of the project.

Do not miss out and join us at the Executive Award Ceremony at Four Seasons Milan on the 8th of June. Visit our website for more information

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