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From Ticino, The Executive Award officially took off abroad!

The first preview-conference for the global project stakeholders was held in Dubai today.

The Executive Award was presented exclusively on a global scale: the main edition in New York at the Rockefeller Center, scheduled for 8 September 2023, will seal the tour that Garbo Management INC. is organising in various international cities.

The awards ceremony in the United Arab Emirates will be held in January 2023, and a local jury has been confirmed, with Mohamed Al Banna and Hisham Farouk in the Jury.

Meanwhile, Eng. Rossella Gargano, CEO of Garbo Management SA, announces the next date in Ticino: "The Executive Award Lugano will be held on 5 October 2022 and will be another special edition that will also feature the Alumni, or the winners of previous editions".

Among the winners of the first editions there were names such as Robert Piconi in 2019, CEO of the Energy Vault, who just yesterday, February 14, rang the NYSE bell with Ticker Symbol #NRGV, Alessandro Colombi in 2018, who in in the meantime he was appointed General Manager of Corriere del Ticino and many other prominent names, people who have chosen to live in our beloved Canton.

The Executive Award winner 2019 Robert Piconi with the Jury.

The Executive Award winner 2018 Alessandro Colombi with the Jury.

Eng. Gargano has already exclusively presented the project internationally in the Middle East: the global ceremony in New York at the Rockefeller Center, scheduled for 8 September 2023, will seal the tour that in the meantime Garbo Management SA is organizing in various cities of business.

Garbo is its own Main Sponsor, as well as organizer of all the events and, adds Rossella, "one of the Alumni will be chosen by the global jury as the winner of the New York prize, together with other winners from the world scene".

We can only wait for October 2022, when Ticino will be given even more importance, the native land of the initiative that last year saw Sergio Ermotti, Guido Damiani, Nicolas Girotto and Adam Stanford among the winners. This year, some "awards of the awards" will also be awarded in Ticino, which means that all the winners of the 3 previous editions will be called to order together with new "humans" for their professional merits and human skills.

The Executive Award's winners 2020 / 21 Guido Damiani, Tamara Erez, Nicolas Girotto, Sergio Ermotti.

Rossella Gargano on 5 October, in addition to presenting a rebranding of the award, will tell us about the international path she has built up to the Rockefeller Center and will also tell us about the other Swiss stages that will be added to the Ticino one.

The Italian event to be held in Milan, headed by the president of the jury William Griffini, is already sold out.

For the time being, we are curious to find out what Rossella Gargano, CEO of Garbo, will assemble for us for the special edition of October 5th 2022 in Lugano, with the now well-known jury led by Guido DeCarli.

Eng. Rossella Gargano , CEO of Garbo Management.

In fact, engineer Gargano will reveal how Switzerland will be involved in the national and international program heading towards the Global Executive Award Ceremony on the 8th of September 2023 at the Rockefeller Center in NYC. In the meantime, she anticipates: "I want to position TEA (acronym for The Executive Award) as the largest event that promotes true sustainability and social responsibility of managers and entrepreneurs of today and tomorrow"

More pictures on:

Christian Vitta, Consigliere di Stato, Canton Ticino with Rossella Gargano.

Norman Gobbi, Consigliere di Stato, Canton Ticino with Rossella Gargano.

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