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Executive Award presents United Impact foundation for a sustainable world

Yesterday the Franklin University Switzerland hosted the stakeholders meeting of the Executive Award, the well-known award founded by Rossella Gargano and bestowed to leaders around the world for sustainability with measurable impact.

1. Robert Piconi, Rossella Gargano, Kim Hildebrant, Norman Gobbi

With the attendance of Cantone Ticino State Counselor Norman Gobbi, the organization's ambassadors, members of the various juries, alumni, sponsors and the board of directors met privately for an important announcement that changes the path of TEA [acronym for The Executive Award] forever.

2. Norman Gobbi & Rossella Gargano

Rossella Gargano relaunches and innovates once again with ambitious goals that she "generated after several meetings with experts in sustainability. We realized that we were already a corporate movement of people and leaders committed to specific areas of sustainability and we decided to channel this effort for the planet, step by step." On this basis, Rossella announced, "the United Impact foundation for a Sustainable World was born and will be based in Geneva and New York, incorporating the Executive Award.”

3. Stakeholders Meeting & Zoom

The award ceremonies will be biennially in Switzerland and America and the international tour will continue to promote the mission in each single nations. Also perfect is the combination with Franklin, a longtime institutional partner of TEA, and its Chairman Kim Hildebrant, who, as an integral part of the project and business partner of Ms. Gargano, welcomed guests to the University's most historic hall. Hildebrant holds key roles such as TEA national ambassador and board member.

4. Rossella Gargano & Kim Hildebrant

Robert Piconi also attended and spoke as a role model in sustainability and chairman of the TEA Board of directors. Piconi is the well-known CEO and Co-founder of Energy Vault, which was honored in 2019 and took the Ticino-based company straight to Wall Street in three years, listing last Feb. 14 for 1.6 billion$ at the New York Stock Exchange. "We will continue to inspire through the success stories of awarded sustainable leaders around the world and we have also decided that we can generate impact ourselves by raising funds and supporting the best existing causes that we have selected, such as the UN's 17 SDGs, and by creating new causes developed over time”, continues Rossella Gargano.

5. Robert Piconi & Norman Gobbi

Also crucial are the contributions of alumni Adam Stanford, managing partner of Deloitte Switzerland, and Gracemarie Bricalli, Senior Public Policy Manager at ESMO, who is now also a jury member with Harvard MBA Francesco Tronci. There are many work tables around the foundation and the Executive Award, from teams involved in taking care of public relations and diplomatic and government relations, to people engaged in creating the indicators that will optimize the award selection process. Inspiring, impacting and multiplying impact through so-called transformative partnerships will be 3 of the main objectives of the funds from partners members and donations. Donations may come both from companies, which will then be the sponsors of the foundation's initiatives, and from individuals who, by joining our selected network of C-level managers, will be able to support the various projects.

6. Norman Gobbi, Rossella Gargano, Kim Hildebrant

In addition to sponsoring the Executive Awards whose Ticino date is scheduled for Feb. 1, 2023, the foundation will also soon promote the first thematic events, often on the same days as the ceremonies. The Energy Community presentation, the Travel Sustainability Forum are scheduled, together with a joint venture with Kim Hildebrant's Cyber Symposium, which, in its seventh year, is already scheduled for Nov. 30, 2022, at Franklin University. Initiatives will soon be posted on and it will be possible to donate and build a more sustainable world together with United Impact.

To join the executive network:

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